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Posted 03 Oct, 2014
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Organizations often struggle as a result of lack of direction, ineffective recruitment strategies and lost leaders. Rick challenges members of organizations to step up and drive their organizations to greatness, keeping in mind the question: What will I think of my organization in ten years? Through customizing their values to the current state of their organization and writing their own personal mission statement, Rick nudges organization leaders to emerge and take power within their campus group. Some harsh truths are presented—members lobbying for change can’t always be the good guys and a lack of follow-through will not yield any results—and Rick leaves leaders with the challenge of putting their devotion to work. A great option for an officer leadership day, Greek Week or any event looking for powerful, practical tactics to empower campus organizations.

A/V Requirements: LCD projector, projection screen, audio speakers


Make room for the elephant: Embracing the power of diversity in our communities

The campus climate is changing constantly and before you know it, you may be sitting next to someone in your organization that is different than you. Sure, you may share the same organizational vision but what about the same race, religion, or sexual orientation? Make Room for the Elephant encourages student leaders to embrace diversity through relationship building, mutual understanding, and positive interaction. A great keynote for any organization looking for powerful ways to address diversity.

A/V Requirements: LCD projector, projection screen, audio speakers


Tap Dancing Without Shoes: The History of Stepping and the Impact on Fraternity and Sorority Life

From “School Daze” to “Stomp the Yard,” Stepping has evolved from a general pastime to a cultural phenomenon. Step shows, yard shows, and stroll exhibitions have uniquely enhanced Greek life and various community avenues throughout the world. Tap Dancing Without Shoes chronicles the history of the art form known as “Stepping” and its impact on the Greek community and popular culture. With extensive research including interviews from notable Black Greek authors, fraternity and sorority chapters, and community centers across the country, Tap Dancing Without Shoes sets the record straight on the history of one of the world’s most exciting, dynamic and historical art forms.
A/V Requirements: LCD projector, projection screen, audio speakers



Marketing club meeting, 2:45 pm, Greek recruitment event, 3:30 pm, Student Government e-board meeting, 4:45 pm, and oh yea…CLASS! Student Leadership is a wonderful part of the college experience. There are opportunities for personal and professional growth, ability to make a positive impact on others, and potential career opportunities. But is it possible for a student to be too involved? In this program students will learn three key tools that will help them build their resume, downsize commitments, and prioritize their time.

A/V Requirements: LCD projector, projection screen, audio speakers

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